What A Day !

Expanding Foam All Over Neighbours UPVC Door ( How Removed It )

Today I had one of those experiences you do not want to experience to often.
I was using some expanding foam on my extension inside and I had about 1/4 can left that i needed to use up.

Outside on the front of my extension, I had a gap on the Fascia Board I thought I could fill and use up the last of the foam in the can.

Now this is where my Sunday turned into one of those embarrassing heart sinking moments.

I climbed the ladder inserted the expanding foam nozzle down the side of the Fascia Board.
The foam expanded as expected but I did not take into account the wind blowing as it was a little blustery.

Now this is what happened.............

As the foam expanded it began to bulge out of the Fascia Board, This was fine as I had planned on it just falling on the floor if any excess protruded on my property..

This is not what happened................

I watched the wind blow a large lump of the expanding foam. To my horror it disappeared over my neighbour’s wall. I quickly hopped over wall crossing my fingers and looked at their UPVC Porch and door

You guessed it.  The lump of foam had been blown onto the top of their door area and had spread all down the Window, Door, Door Handel,  Cladding and even all over the door bell button and ended up on the floor just outside the door.

Now if you have ever used this stuff you will understand the fix I was in.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words !
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Delemma !

Do i try and clean off wile sticky or wait for it ro dry and try and get it off.

The problem I was faced with was that if i let it dry i may end up scratching the UPVC  trying to remove it.

From my many years of DIY I have only ever found one thing that will remove expanding foam, Other that the comertial foam eaters you can purchase off the shelf.

Now i had no time to fetch any of these and i also did not know if they may also affect the UPVC ( Probably melt it )

So what did I do.

I knocked on the door and Apologised for the mess i had created and I would fix it. they were great and wished me luck.

I jumped into the car and set off to purchase what I hoped would get me out of a verry sticky mess.

I purchased 1/2 Gallon of Diesel and returned home and set to what I hoped would be a recovery plan.

Phew to my relief the Diesel removed the Foam from the UPVC and glass without any problems and the i managed to remover all traces of the from from my neighbour’s  UPVC Porch and Door.

So i can confirm ( Again from MY Personal Experience ) Diesel Does Remove expanding foam from UPVC.


What did i learn,
Do not use this stuff outside on a windy day up in the air.